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Huangshan City (bass Hui) polyphonic Co., Ltd., administrative office is located in the international tourist city of Huangshan City, founded in 1965, formerly known as the red line of three pharmaceutical additives chemical factory, the enterprise restructuring in 2014 established joint-stock enterprises, is an order of chemical additives sales industry and trade integrated import and export enterprises. The company for the national chemical industry, providing chemical additives in pharmaceutical production manufacturers and related business enterprises, organic chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and other raw materials sales and import and export of "high quality", "low cost", "sales" to meet the domestic and foreign manufacturers demand.
Huangshan City bath chemical additives Co., Ltd., the company advocates "green chemical" concept, with high quality, environmental protection, renewable resources and other ways of research and development and production, so that the company is still in the location of its unique green vitality.
Company for many years of imported Germany (BASF) organic intermediates, pharmaceutical additives, supporting domestic production, pharmaceutical manufacturers to subsidize the use of raw materials. And the modern management technology and advanced modes of transportation in the yard with excellent geographical environment, to facilitate the procurement of major businesses for customer security convenient receiving goods conditions.
Ancient Xinanjiang bred long emblem of the ancient history of the state, by the Huizhou culture influence, adhering to the "integrity and pragmatic spirit of ancient Huizhou, Huangshan City of bath Hui chemical assistant Co., Ltd. to" fine products "," quality of service ", the majority of businessmen invited, with the spirit of innovation, integrity and strength, professional quality to create merchants brand new generation. We sincerely welcome foreign customers to join, create a better future!
The innovation of science and technology enterprises -- the eternal industry -- the cornerstone of enterprise fine sincerity
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